Justine Rosenberg is an incurable dreamer, wanderer, and the author of The Metals Trilogy as well as its larger narrative arc, Blackwater. She has been consuming and creating fiction for as long as she can remember. Magical realism and science fantasy are her soft spots.

Born in California and raised in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, Justine has always had a hard time staying still. She left high school as soon as she was able, did a stint overseas, and attended college only to drop out after going through a revolving door of majors. She is still bumping around the world, underachievingly so.

Justine currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. She lives with her husband, her father, and a pile of books that she is gnawing her way through.

You can listen to her rants and raves about writing, life, and things of a political bent on Twitter. All the mugshots are on Instagram. Justine is always happy to chat.

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