The Metals Trilogy is a series of short novels, and is part of a larger narrative arc, Blackwater. It is set within a ring of universes that bloomed from the heart of an ancient sun. Each realm is a secret, sealed away from the next by ravenous beasts and toxic aethers. Only geomancers–those born with the ability to navigate the treacherous paths that run between galaxies–can pass safely from world to world.

For centuries, the geomancers and their Guild have lived in relative quiet, performing research and gathering information on the lives that swarm between stars. With the rise of an enigmatic figure who calls himself the One O’clock King, all of this begins to change. The new leader establishes himself as a black market ruler, creating a thriving exchange that deals in weapons, drugs, and metals whose properties have the power to alter reality.

Ava Sandrino is a courtesan, finding her fortune among the Paper Houses of New Dera. One night, a chance encouter leads her to Sariel, a wraith and fugitive slave from the brimstone mines. His people, Ava has been taught, are not human, born from the flooded earth of a distant land.

Bound together beneath the oppressive hand of the Empire, Ava and Sariel flee into the domain of the One O’clock King. There, Ava is thrust into the heart of a corrupt and decadent court, where she must untangle the secrets of brimstone, the sorcery of geomancers, and the truth about wraiths.

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It was the storm, dark as a bruise and hard as a fist, that woke her. Ava opened her eyes in the belly of the boat. Teakwood groaned. The schooner lurched, biting deep into the broken waters of the Climbing Sea.


The tattered edges of a dream followed her. It was of her porcelains and scarves, her books and records, falling without a ripple between the white arms of waves.

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