When, an hour and a half later, he heard a scrape at the top of the stairs, and felt Ada’s presence pour like tattered silk into his mind, he made no move to rise.

November’s bit of fiction can be found here! A slice of Filipino folklore, a love song, a goodbye. Birth, death, and change in the shadow of the manananggal.

I suppose this is sort of the monthly wrap-up for me. Summer is a ghost, and winter has the longest shadow. 2019 has been all sorts of devastating and elating and exhausting. My book hit digital and in-store shelves. There were job changes; we lost someone dear to us, and gained a couple of new friends and acquaintances. All things considered, I might make December a quiet time, both creatively and in terms of connecting with others.

My reading goals have been an absolute fail, but the year has put me in touch with the warmest, most supportive people that I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Thank you to the writing community over at Twitter; you folks continue to astound me with your endless creativity and willingness to help others.

Is there really anything more to be said? Archived fiction is here. Listen to each other, and be kind. Take care of yourselves. Buy my novella, if you feel like it, and if short, fast-paced fantasy of a literary persuasion is your thing. Come visit us on Twitter or Instagram. There are stories to tell, and I almost never bite.

Cheers to the New Year, all.


Welcome! I am Justine Rosenberg, drinker of coffee, lover of wine, author, and shunner of sunlight.

My debut novella, Brimstone, will be available for purchase on 1/11/2019. Flowers, science gone wrong, and the junction between magic and mathematics is absolutely my thing.

I am constantly in the process of drafting sequels, poetry, short stories, and other odds and ends. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ squidinkmoon.

Brimstone: The Metals Trilogy (Vol. I)

“An original and highly immersive introduction to an intriguing fantasy world.” — Kirkus Reviews


A knight fallen from grace, Ava Sandrino has spent years in courtesan’s silks, searching for wealth behind the Paper House walls. One winter eve, in the fog-soaked city of New Dera, she discovers something else: Sariel, a fugitive slave. He is running from the desert mines, and from an Empire that is hungry for a new and mysterious metal that the alchemists call brimstone.

In a moment of mercy and lust, Ava shelters Sariel from his pursuers, and in the light of the moon, he speaks to her of a door. It is a gate that opens into a world that lies beyond the Northern Dark, over the edge of their farthest horizon. There, paupers rub shoulders with princes, and there are riches to be had by those with the will to seize them.

Swayed by his tales of strange oceans and distant stars, and tired of a past that haunts her, Ava joins him. The lure of a kingdom where souls are remade beckons. Their path, however, is far from clear. Ava and Sariel must cross a borderland that is the domain of magicians, the humans that serve them, and the One O’clock King: a faceless despot who guards the crossroads of worlds.



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